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Because I Couldn’t Get Enough

June 29, 2009

Sunday I tried to sleep in, but it wasn’t happening. About 10:30 or so I called my daughter to see what she was doing. I was considering a nap when she said she and hubby were hooking up the child bike trailer to a bicycle she borrowed and they were all going back to the Centennial Trail for a ride. My spirit perked up and I crashed their party. I got ready in record time and met them up at the trail and we went for a fun outing. Bike riding with Cayden is hilarious and totally enjoyable, but it’s not a session of continued, strenuous exertion. He pedals like a mad man and then stops about every 100 yards or so. Or just rides off to the side into the grass and stops. He cracks me up. His mommy decided that his bike’s wheels were just too small for the guy and hence he’s getting tired having to pedal so hard. So we’re going to be shopping asap for a bigger bike for him. He is such a trooper and keeps going anyway. I think we got in about five miles round trip, which is pretty good for a little guy and really, it was more about getting out and having fun anyway. I wouldn’t have missed that experience for anything on earth.

To cap off the day, a friend came over last night and we went for a four mile “summer stroll”. Seriously. The walk was fabulous, it was just the right temperature, cool breeze, fabulous conversation, but in the middle of the night my fibro flared and I knew I’d gotten some activity. It was all worth it – every second of every moment of the weekend. I know I’ll be in pain but I’d rather be out living life and drinking up the joy that the relationships in my life bring me.

Here are some photos of Sunday’s outing with the grandkids. I got some cute shots as we went along, and some scenic ones as well.

This is just the cutest picture ever. This is totally not staged. Cayden kinda fell over from all his excitement before we ever got started – nothing serious – and got a couple scrapes on his hand. He sat there for a bit like this, shook out his hand, then got up and we took off.


My littlest blond grandson, Evan, in the trailer. He hated that helmet, but safety comes first.


We spied these pretty horses coming along. The smaller one on the left was out for her very first walk ever. What a treat. My daughter captured some photos with her professional camera for my granddaughter who is a horse-crazy nearly eight year old.


These photos don’t do those horses justice. They were gorgeous. Dark espresso coffee colored horses. Just lovely.


Cayden and his daddy looking over the fence into the river for “craw-doods” aka crawdads.


Cayden trucking on ahead. Man, can that boy pedal fast. A couple of times he caught up with me and I had to up the intensity to keep out of his way, or he would have run me off the trail!


Some scenic little vignettes along the way.





And there you have it. A great weekend. Now back to work! At least we’re scheduled to have sunshine all through the week.

  1. July 5, 2009 11:19 am

    Awww. That photo of Cayden really is just the cutest picture ever. You should get that englarged and frame it. It’s adorable.

    I’d never had crawdoods, but I’ve always wanted to try them. I think there’d be less guilt than eating lobster. 🙂


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