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There *is* sewing in my future

July 6, 2009

Lest you thought I’d given it up completely – I haven’t. We have had such a wonderful, beautiful, warm, sunny summer so far that the last thing I want to do right now is sit inside and sew. Besides, I haven’t been ready to cut into my nice fabric until my body shrinkage has stabilized. I’m about there, so I am planning on doing some sewing soon.

Right now, my sewing room is in a state of disarray. I’m making room for the new-to-me sewing table and reorganizing things. I sold my large dress form and now need to adjust the smaller one to fit me. I’ll probably be starting out with some nice tops, and maybe even a cute knit dress.

This dress is definitely on the must-sew list – thanks to Mermaids for highlighting it. And I want it to look just like the one in the picture.

image of M5923

I also think I will be making some of these….


…a horse blanket and horse leg warmers. My granddaughter has these robotic horses that are so lifelike and she’s a horse nut. It’s too cute. I also need to design a front knapsac of sorts for her. She’s currently using a regular bag with the straps hung around her neck. The bag holds the horses “grass”, “carrots” and grooming tools.

First things first – I have to get the sewing room back in order… As soon as it starts raining, I will.

Bonus pics:




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  1. Robin permalink
    July 9, 2009 6:46 am

    Oh my holy cow I love that dress! Makes me have joy butterflies thinking of Autumn!
    And WOW! That horse really does look real!
    Love the pics of the grandbabies!
    All Things Heart and Home

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